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Van for Hire

Location Vehicle
In addition to working on film crews, I own a Class B Motorhome which can be hired out for work on set.
The van has proven to be a great support vehicle for small and medium sized productions. This vehicle works well in locations where a full sized motorhome is not practical. Both the van and I are available to travel.

The van is great for:
--Make-up Artist Work Area.
--Private Changing Room for Actors.
--Bathroom Facilities for Cast & Crew.
--Base Camp for Craft Service etc.
--On set security.

Van Features:
--Running Water
--Two Burner Gas Range
--Gas Furnace

--Awning for shade
--Tinted Windows and Curtains for Privacy
--Compact size allows it to drive nearly anywhere and fit into one parking space.

If you wish to hire the van, give me a call and we'll work out a rate. I am included as the driver. The van is a package deal with me, however, I am available separately. I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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Small film crew hangs out at van base camp
Interior view of front of van
Interior view of back of van
Side view of van

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