Below are collections of images in several categories. Some are personal pictures included for fun. Some are "behind the scenes" pictures and stills from various projects on which I have taken part.

Mercenary Bunny Production - A fun gallery of pics from the Set of "Mercenary Bunny"
- Hitting the road with my mom from San Francisco to Fort Wayne, IN Spring 2008
- The aftermath of an adventure at work.

- A variety of of personal and on-set pics.

- A horror film from Sneak Preview Entertainment being released under the title "Hellbent."

The Field Trip

- A Comedy/Horror film from Homunculis Pictures.


- A short film. *All pics are family friendly.


- A short film by Dan Katter.

Van Pics

- My former mobile production palace.

- A list of Film Industry light bulb jokes sent to me in an e-mail. I thought they were funny enough to post here.


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